Our Programs

Our Early Foundations for Learning Program


In our experience we know that each child needs and deserves a solid learning foundation for life, so we have developed a quality Early Foundations for Learning Program that we believe equips your child with all the basic skills that they need to be happy and succeed at life with confidence.

All children participate in our Early Foundations for Learning Program.


Our Pre-School Program

Our School readiness program focuses on children learning in the below key learning areas by including them in our daily program.


    • Pre reading skills - directionality of print, function of print in society, rhyming words.
    • Pre-writing skills - drawing basic letter skills, writing their own names, pencil grip and control.
    • Speaking skills - turn taking, questioning, enunciating and maintaining conversation, speaking in full sentences, using language to solve problems.


    • Pre-maths skills - basic number skills eg counting, concept of volume, height, length and weight, concepts of size, shape and colour and problem solving skills.

Science and Human Society and its Environment (HSIE)

    • Knowledge of living things and nature, knowledge of the world outside the centre e.g. services and occupations, understanding of simple science concepts such as floating, sinking and reflection.

Personal Development Health and Physical Education (PDHPE)

    • Self-awareness and self-concept - development of independence and self esteem
    • Social skills - turn taking, sharing, communication, negotiation, conflict resolution and following rules
    • Fine motor skills - hand and eye coordination and controlled hand movements
    • Gross motor skills - development of balance and coordination of body movements

Creative Arts

    • Music - introduction to the concept of melody, rhythm and making sounds in a variety of ways
    • Art - being creative using a variety of media such as pencils, clay, playdough and paints, etc.

These skills are learnt and developed through both play and more formal instruction on an individual and group basis.


What we can achieve Together in Partnership


During your child's enrolment with us we provide opportunities for regular interaction between parents and Educators so that you better understand your child's development, personal achievements and what they have learnt.

The Benefits to your Child

    • Sound Social Skills and Friendships
    • Self Confidence
    • Improved Self Esteem
    • A Desire and Willingness to Learn
    • A head start on basic Kindergarten Programs and Learning Experiences
    • Ability to be Independent
    • Development of Important Listening and Attention Skills
    • Early Foundations for Literacy Skills
    • Increased Vocabulary and Descriptive Language Skills